Around-the-Clock Protection

Our team provides 24/7 monitoring and threat detection to ensure that your business remains secure against any potential cyber threats.

Incident Management

Should any security incidents arise, our incident response and remediation services swiftly address and neutralize the threat.

Maintenance & Updates

Benefit from regular software patching and updates to keep your systems at peak performance and resilience against vulnerabilities.

Dark Web Surveillance

We offer dark web monitoring for business credentials to protect against potential breaches stemming from compromised information.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Our experts delve deep into the cyber realm with advanced threat intelligence and hunting to pre-emptively counteract potential threats.

Dedicated Support

During business hours, our IT support team is available to assist with any concerns, backed by a remote troubleshooting and ticketing system for efficient issue resolution.

Continuous Scanning

Our team conducts monthly vulnerability and compliance scans to identify and address potential weak points.

Compliance Assurance

We provide checks to ensure your business meets HIPAA, PCI-DSS compliance standards.

Ransomware Defense

With our Ransomware Protection Service, rest easy knowing that your data is safeguarded against malicious encryption attempts.

Expert Testing

Our team undertakes quarterly penetration testing to simulate cyber-attacks, ensuring your defenses are robust and resilient.

Employee Training

We believe in proactive defense. Our quarterly security awareness training educates your team on the best practices to maintain a secure environment.